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Hi there!

Another year in DA.

This community is awersome, and I hope you know it :aww:

Why I'm saying this? Last days I'm working on some community site, and I'm doing some reserch across the web. And it cames , that DA is one of the smartest, uniqe and modern social-site on internet.

This is professional opinion! :aww:
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Great pic!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2009, 6:28 AM

Hi, there!

My first year on DA! :aww:

DA is very creative and helpful community, but there is some things I don't like. Short non-helpful messages I get. You know, when you recive message like "Great pic!" - I ask myself what the hell is great pic? Good style? Technique? Concept good but project sucks? I really dont know and I call them 'greatpics'.

How many greatpics you have?

Do You think you're good becouse of them?

I tell You something: if you don't speak english (like me :ahoy: ) or just don't know to say...

DON'T SEND GREATPICS! JUST +FAV it and go you way.

Have a nice day everybody!

P.S. Ok, visitor. If you want, you can give me another subscription :aww:

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The Creativity Contest

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2009, 3:57 AM

Contest by :iconmy-dark-desire:

Hi everyone!

This is a contest to promote originality and creativity on DA, the theme is up to the contestant (love, seasons, songs, zodiac, etc.) it might sound easy, but it isn't. The idea is to challenge the deviant to be creative, original and to create something unique and also challenge her/himself to grow as an artist and create something different from the usual ( no cliché ).

there will be 4 categories: :excited:
*digital art
and *traditional art
(3 winners for each category and honorable mentions)

Details and prices:…